Vue aérienne du Havre


Few references

  • A labour market of 350,000 inhabitants
  • More than 155,000 jobs in the zone
    • Of which 17 % in industry
    • And 43 % in retail, transport and services
  • 1st French port for international trade
  • 1,200 businesses in Le Havre Industrial Port Zone, representing 31,000 jobs
  • Port district: 10,100 ha
  • Business land outside the Industrial Port Zone : 414 gross ha in business parks, including 20 ha available immediately
  • Area partially included in the European regional aid map, giving access to specific types of government grant and tax exemptions

The gateway to Normandy and the Seine Valley

  • 20 million inhabitants in a radius of 300 km, France's largest consumer basin
  • The Seine Valley, France's largest industrial region (700,000 jobs)
  • Normandy GDP: € 90.3 billion
  • 2nd French region for international trade, with 36% of GDP dedicated to export
  • HAROPA : nearly 93 million tons of maritime goods traffic in 2017, and 20 million tonnes of waterway traffic


Sources: INSEE (French national institute of statistics and economic studies) - HAROPA (IEG of the ports of Le HAvre, Rouen and Paris) - AURH, Le Havre and Seine Estuary urban planning agency - Normandy Chamber of commerce and industry


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