Vue aérienne de la zone industrielle portuaire du Havre

The Industrial Port Area of Le Havre

A first-class platform for industries

Total - Normandy refinery

An international industrial & logistic area

  • An area 27 km long by 5 km wide, i.e. more than 10,000 hectares

  • 1,200 businesses with more than 30,000 jobs 

  • International industrial companies such as:

    • Renault: assembly of commercial vehicles for the Renault, Nissan and Fiat brands

    • Safran Nacelles (headquarter and production centre): one of the two main integrators of aircraft engine nacelle systems in the world

    • Total: the French largest refinery

    • EDF: thermal power plant and CO2 capture demonstrator

    • Sedibex (Veolia): one of Europe's largest industrial waste incineration and recycling plants

  • 35 km of quays, 200 km of rail and road networks

  • Sea links with more than 600 ports on all five continents and pan-European multimodal network (rail, waterway and road)

  • Expertise in industrial traffic (average of 900 out-of-gauge loads handled every year)

  • Very high-voltage electricity   

    • Lines with 90, 225 and 400 kV

    • Nearly 20 million Euros invested to ensure reliable power supply in Le Havre

  • Natural gas (high and low pressure)

  • Industrial gases (O2, N2, H2)

  • Industrial water

    • 5 to 10 times cheaper than drinking water (depending on consumption)

    • Industrial quality, by a treatment specific to Radicatel  

    • 52 km of pipelines

    • 2 reservoirs of 50,000 m3 each

    • 43 businesses connected in the Industrial Port Area

  • Steam

    • 4 km network at 20 bar supplying 5 companies  

    • Capacity: 300,000 tonnes a year (200,000 tonnes currently supplied)

    • 10 km extension planned 

  • 1.4 million sqm warehouse space, 350,000 sqm planned

  • Liquid bulks: 5.6 million m3 storage capacity

  • Pipelines within the area and to the Paris airports

  • Industrial waste treatment facilities   

  • Very high-speed fibre network

    • Speeds of above 50 Mb/s

    • 180 km network in the Le Havre and Caux Estuaire conurbations

Osilub into Le Havre Industrial Area

The advantages of Regional Development Grant (AFR)

Le Havre industrial port area are among the areas eligible for AFRs. This classification allows business -  small businesses, SMEs and groups - to benefit, under certain conditions, from various types of government funding such as:

  • The regional planning grant for industrial and service projects (industry and services "PAT")
  • Business tax exemptions (Company Real Estate Contribution - CFE) 



    Pooling resources for greater competitiveness  

    Synerzip-LH is an association that brings together Le Havre Port authority (GPMH) and the industrial firms of Le Havre Industrial Port Area, to pool their services, networks and know-how.


    The association, which has 80 members, steered the joint setup of the Technological Risk Prevention Plan (PPRT).

    Commercial vehicle production line at Renault Sandouville
    Le Havre Industrial Port area organisation

    They have chosen Le Havre Industrial Port Area

    Renault - Safran Nacelles - EDF - Total - Engie - Eramet - Yara - Imperial Tobacco / Sedibex - Air Liquide - Chevron Oronite - Clemessy Services - Lubrizol - Estener - Omnova solutions - Osilub - Orientis Gourmet (Kusmi Tea and Lov Organic tea)


    Key figures

    • 1,200 businesses

    • More than 16,000 employees in industry & services businesses

    • 1st French chemical platform

    • 2 billion € industrial investments in the last 10 years

    • The Seine Valley entrance, France's largest industrial region (700,000 jobs)