Atelier du Pole Formation des Industries Technologiques du Havre

Mechanical and metallurgy

5 reasons why choosing Le Havre

  • Strong industrial culture
  • Broad range of skills associated with the industrial culture of Le Havre
  • Expertise in industrial traffic

  • Sites adapted for industrial activities  
  • Research and Development: towards an Industry 4.0


    Strong industrial culture

    • 295 factories – 12,700 employees
    • International firms : Renault, Dresser-Rand (Siemens), Safran Nacelles, Sidel
    • Main sectors for metallurgy in the Le Havre region :
      • Automotive
      • Aeronautics and shipbuilding  
      • Mechanical
      • Processing of metals
      • Sheet metal work
      • Pumps and compressors

      • Repair of metal components  

      • Metal structures

    Broad range of skills associated with the industrial culture of Le Havre

    • A labour market of 350,000 residents
    • Qualified workforce thanks to a wide range of initial and ongoing training from NVQ equivalent) to Master's, thanks to specialist organisation
      • Pôle Formation des Industries Technologiques
      • Lycée Lavoisier (automotive, metal structures, etc)
      • Lycée Jules Siegfried (electronics, mechanics, etc)
      • Lycée Perret – Schuman…

    Expertise in industrial traffic

    • Solid experience in exceptional loads and heavy lift logistics : 900 exceptional loads per year
    • Adapted infrastructures : wide-gauge waterway (up to 3,000 tonnes), 13 berths and jacking tools
    • A pan-European multimodal transport network
      • Nearly 130 ports connected by shortsea
      • More than 60 rail services a week, to 15 destinations in Europe
      • More than 40 waterway services a week

    Sites adapted for industrial activities

    • Industrial Port Zone of Le Havre, eligible for Regional Development Grants (industry and services "PAT") and business tax exemptions
      • Networks and utilities (depending on site) : Industrial water - Industrial gas - Extra High Voltage electricity (> 400 kV) - Steam - Industrial waste treatment plants - Very high speed
      • Synergies between the industries (AUPAES association) and initiatives for circular economy in the Zone (waste-to-energy by Sedibex and Suez Environnement – Ecostu’Air)
    • Parc d’activités Le Mesnil (district of Le Havre), a new business park with plots of up to 8 ha and fast access to Le Havre via the ring road
    • Parc d’activités des Hautes Falaises (district of Fécamp): 3.5 ha extension to a business park of 85 ha, 20 mins away from the port of Fécamp
    • A selection of properties for your setup: view those that meet your needs at

    Research and Development: towards an Industry 4.0

    • Mov’eo, competitive cluster for Mobility and Automotive R&D

    • GREAH, a laboratory of Le Havre University for research in electronics and automation systems

    • LH3D, a local FabLab for producing prototypes of small parts

    • Smart Industrie labels from Normandy FrenchTech,

      an association for digital development in Normandy


    They have chosen Le Havre

    Renault, Dresser-Rand, Fouré Lagadec, Paganetti, Ponticelli, Safran Nacelles, TPI, Mallard, Sidel – Tetra Laval, CPM Industrie, Ateliers Maugars, iMetal…



    Key figures



    • 12,700 employees (12% of available workforce in Le Havre district)
    • 295 factories



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