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Storage of energy

5 reasons why choosing Le Havre


Favourable European and French policies

  • Target of 10 cell production mega-factories in Europe by 2025
  • Commitment of European authorities to the financing of factories
  • Financial support provided by the European Investment Bank
  • Updating of France’s Multiannual Energy Program (PPE) in 2018, including public policies promoting the development of
    - renewable energies
    - storage
    - clean mobility
    - research

A strong industrial tradition

  • More than 26,000 employees in industry, equivalent to 17% of jobs in the Le Havre employment zone (compared to 12% for all France)
  • Nearly 6,000 employees in the chemicals sector in Normandy
  • Specific expertise on rare earths and metals thanks to Eramet (production of nickel and cobalt), Morphosis (recycling of WEEE)
  • Professional training: numerous specialised organisations, for levels ranging from operators to engineers
Morphosis au Havre, recyclage des DEEE et récupération des métaux rares
Laboratoire de Morphosis

An environment conducive to research and innovation

  • 11,600 R & D jobs in Normandy
  • The Normandy sectors and competitiveness clusters include
    - Moveo’ (automobiles and engines)
    - Union des Industries Chimiques (chemicals)
    - Normandie AeroEspace (aeronautics)
  • Normandy: centre for research on motorization, development of driverless electric cars
  • Le Havre, a pilot territory in the creation of fleets of hydrogen vehicles
  • GREAH laboratory at the University of Le Havre, specialised in electrical engineering and automation
  • Tests of autonomous vehicles for cruise ship passengers in Le Havre

A competitive industrial zone

  • An industrial area of over 10,000 ha, with sites dedicated to industrial activities
  • AFR zoning, which provides access to business start-up grants and extremely attractive tax exemptions
  • Connections with Asia and Africa via the port of Le Havre, France’s leading port for foreign trade
  • Access to the European market via a fluid multimodal transport network
  • Networks and utilities: industrial grade water and gas, very high voltage electricity, steam, mutualised industrial waste treatment, very high speed internet, etc.
Zone Industrielle du Havre (c) Vincent Rustuel
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Potential markets nearby

  • Automobile
    - More than 350 companies in Normandy
    - 30% of cars produced in France
    - Renault Cléon, the brand’s spearhead for the production of electric engines
    - The Port of Le Havre, France’s leading platform for exports of new vehicles
  • Marine Renewable Energy
    - Seven offshore wind farms planned in France, including three in Normandy, providing approximately 3,500 MW of power
    • Entering operation from 2021
    • Projects for two factories in Le Havre
  • Aeronautics
    • Head office, production site and R&D centre of Safran Nacelles
    • Third-largest aviation industry zone in France 
    • Support for projects on optimisation and new propulsion technologies, including batteries, by Normandie AeroEspace cluster

They have chosen Le Havre

Eramet, Total, Engie, Renault, Safran Nacelles, EDF, Siemens, ExxonMobil, Morphosis...

Key figures

  • 10 cell production mega-factories in Europe by 2025
  • More than 26,000 employees in industry in the Le Havre employment zone
  • 11,600 jobs in R&D in Normandy
  • An industrial area of over 10,000 ha

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