Vue d'un bureau chez Filiassur, au Havre

Simplifying administrative procedures



If you need information about the regulations governing your activity, help with managing your administrative procedures, or contacts with the right people to process your application.


Le Havre Développement will study and inform you about the regulatory and tax conditions applicable to your business. We will also help you with the formalities and advise you about the constraints (deadlines and various steps, documents to be submitted, etc).

We will also facilitate your contacts with the authorities concerned with the project (town planning, Department of Environment, Development and Housing – DREAL, customs, tax, social security, etc) to optimise your setup or development times and so enable you to start up your activity as soon as possible under optimum conditions.

Saci: the administrative process sorted in two appointments


Saci, a distributor of spare parts for cars and HGVs based in the Caribbean, wanted to set up a new logistics platform in mainland France and chose Le Havre.

To help with the company's setup, Emmanuel Zervudacki, Logistics Officer at Le Havre Développement, arranged meetings for them with the customs authorities.


“The project manager really appreciated his contacts with the regional customs department's Business Advisory Service," he said. In just two meetings, Saci was able to find out how to optimise the administrative procedures for exporting to the French overseas territories and abroad.